The way your brain plans, organizes, and completes tasks.

People with ADHD have WEAKER executive functions.

Finding and using your STRONGER executive functions
helps you work effectively and get more done.

I assess your executive functions by two professional and statistically validated inventories

  • BDEF assessment of self-regulation in everyday tasks – time management, organization and problem solving, self-restraint, self-motivation, and self-regulation of emotions
  • BRIEF2, teacher/parent/child observations with IEP and 504 recommendations

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Brain Changes in ADHD

The Lancet Psychiatry: Large imaging study confirms brain differences in ADHD
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Ron Bashian, M.D.
American Academy of Pediatrics, Fellow
ADHD Coaches Organization, professional member
CHADD, professional member


“Finding you for his executive function issues has been a major positive outcome.”
E.J, M.D.

college graduate, W.P., M.D. Maryland, July 2016

“You really know how to get to the heart of a problem. Your insight and perspective really help us with our son.”
Cy R.

Annandale, VA. August 2016, (Client has special needs)

“Thank you again for all of your help in clarifying my son’s executive function issues. I know all of the knowledge we gained will continue to be helpful.”

Parent of a 17-year-old who stopped doing homework, June 2018