Coach Ron

I am a passionate believer in possibility, hope, and… accountability.

Twelve years ago, leukemia forced me to encounter my mortality, and to seek both present and future meaning in my life. It certainly was not a time to give up.
Executive Functions – Coach Ron Bashian

Reconstructing myself, personally, psychologically, spiritually, and professionally was a severe challenge. However, it gave me the opportunity to find my truest resources, discover my best strengths, and identify my most cherished values.

Subsequent teaching at university, medical school, and with high risk inner city youth, tapped my roots of curiosity, creativity, empathy, and love of learning – while providing adding zest to fully engage in life. In the process, my previous experiences in medical leadership positions, living in reality while aspiring to greater goals, were honed.

Complete training in coaching, and subsequent hours and hours of experience, renewed and structured my encouraging tendencies and creatively exploring instincts.

Endurance through adversity, carer change, and finding my “sweet spot” empowered me.

Persevering reading, study, writing, and speaking on executive functions informed and nuanced my intuitions and experience.

NOT AS... the end-all of our humanity, but as a vital tool to direct our conscious efforts to achieve… our EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS serve to inspire us, motivate us, open doors to creativity, keep us goal oriented, and open horizons which we could never otherwise imagine.

Ron Bashian, M.D